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Mangelaarstraat 37 | 8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle | Tel: + 32 57 48 87 31 | Fax: + 32 57 48 87 31
Greenhouse - surrounding
People who like cycling are in for a treat. There are several cycling routes through Langemark-Poelkapelle. A cyclingroute-netwerk is very close by. You can find more info on www.vlaanderen-fietsland.be

The scars of the war haven’t been erased here. Discover a piece of history in the Flanders Field Museum in Ieper. When you explore the area the military cemeteries will bring back a lot of memories.

The children won’t get bored because just 10 km away you’ll find the amusement park Bellewaerde. Click here for more information.

The children can have the time of their life in Plopsaland de Panne meeting their favourite Belgian cartoon characters. You’ll find more info here.  

The French border and the seashore are located in a radius of 30km of our location.

More info: www.toerismewesthoek.be