Langemark-Poelkapelle is known as the town of storrytelling. This is not only to recognize in our Folk Tales Route, but also in a lot of events. Ypres and Roulers are nearby. Ideal for a night out.


World War one

The most visited place in Langemark-Poelkapelle is the German Military Cemetery at only 2 miles from Greenhouse. It’s accessible from dawn till sunset. Related to World War One, you can visit a lot of other cemeteries and memorials in the nearby villages, as Tyne Cot Cemetery, the

Guynemer pavilion

Georges Guynemer's name and the municipality of Poelkapelle have been inextricably connected with each other for 100 years. Many associations, squares, houses, footpaths, regional products… are often named after this French fighter pilot. Since the 8th of July 1923, an elegant monument, featuring a stork, has adorned the roundabout in the center of Poelkapelle. It is one of the greatest monuments dedicated to one hero who fought in the Ypres Salient during the First World War. The 'flying ace' Georges Guynemer therefore still has an incredible impact on the municipality and the region today. A pavilion, named after him, will open 100 years after he lost his life close to Poelkapelle. The pavilion not only tells the story of his life, but also of many other pilots, whether they were friend or foe. In the pavilion special attention is also paid to the enormous development of aviation during the First World War. Of course, the highlight for the visitors to the pavilion will be a replica of the Morane-Saulnier.

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